Berry Banana Split Recipe

Berry Banana Split Recipe
Berry Banana Split Recipe
  •  1/four cup grapes
  • 1/four cup of blueberries
  •  1/four cup fat-free yogurt, fat-free Greek yogurt, or sugar-free / fat-free yogurt.
Banana Split Berry Directions:
Cut the bananas in half of lengthwise, then reduce them into bite-sized pieces.
Place the banana slices at the plate.
Cut the grapes in half of and place them on top of the bananas with blueberries.
Spread the yogurt of your choice.
Notes :
Top it with easy-to-fill breakfast cereal rather than the sprinkles you traditionally discover on sliced ​​bananas!
Make certain that the yogurt is a robust meals, in any other case make sure to hold song of the factors for non-fortified meals yogurt. I used nonfat vanilla yogurt for one drop.
Rent any form of berry you need! I passed off to have grapes and berries available this morning.
Enjoy !
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